Your Cutting Drill & Hole Saws

Your Cutting Drill & Hole Saws

Basic Drilling Hints

Use a variable RPM ½” drill motor to drive Harry’s Hot Tapper. You need to have good control of the drill motor when you break through the wall of the pipe. This should minimize the risk of damaging the pilot drill, coupon retainer and hole saw. The drill may “bog down” right before it breaks through the pipe wall; this is a great indicator that you’re going to break through.

Types of Drills to Use

Many different drill motors can be used in conjunction with Harry’s Hot Tapper. Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee are great choices. If you are tight for space you might want to use a right angle drill. Different materials require a faster or slower cutting speed. Be sure to check your main line material against the included RPM table included with the instructions of Harry’s Hot Tapper.

What About Concrete Lined Pipes?

Harry’s Hot Tapper can even cut through concrete lined pipes, but you’re going to need a carbide grit hole saw, not included with your kit.