Harry’s Hot Tapper

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Make Pipeline Connections Under Pressure

Manufactured in Phoenix, AZ. by B & S Products Co., the “original Harry’s Hot Tapper” was first introduced in 1982. Since then, thousands of contractors and plant managers have used this cost effective tool to save time and money while expanding their capabilities.

Harry’s Hot Tapper is used to make fast, easy branch connections from ¾” to 4” on any appropriately sized main line. It works in nearly all modern piping materials in pressures up to 300 psi for most systems.

This innovative tool is commonly used in chilled water and hot water taps, air and gas systems. It can even make taps in steam lines up to 125 lbs.

Easily operated by one person, Harry’s Hot Tapper eliminates the need to shutdown, drain, cut, re-fit and refill piping systems.

Many of our customers have told us that “Harry’s Hot Tapper paid for itself the first time they used it.

To see Harry’s Hot Tapper in action, please watch this live demonstration of an actual hot tap by one of our customers.

Still of Live Demonstration Screen

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