Repair copper pipe leaks with our Copper Repair Clamps

repsaddle2Do you have a leaking copper line that you need to fix? There’s a new easy way to repair copper pipe leaks. It’s fast and permanent. You don’t need to shutdown the line or cut the pipe. Just bolt on a B&S Products’ solid Copper Repair Clamp. With most copper piping system repairs, homeowners or pipe repair specialists need to shut your system down, drain out all the water, cut away the damaged piece of copper pipe and solder in a new section or tee. This solution is expensive and leaves you with no water pressure during the repair. Copper Repair Clamps are inexpensive and don’t require any special tools or previous plumbing experience.

Products made of steel or iron can create electrolysis and will not offer you a permanent solution and will result in another repair further down the line. Solid Copper Repair Clamps use a Buna-N o-ring and precision groove to insure a leak-proof repair. Smaller sizes utilize barrel clamps while larger sizes are equipped with hex head bolts, nuts and washers.

Before cutting into your copper pipeline, talk to a pipe repair expert at B&S Products Co about how to repair copper pipe leaks.