Troubleshooting Harry’s Hot Tapper

Troubleshooting Harry’s Hot Tapper

Unseizing A Stuck Shaft

Before beginning any tap be sure that the Harry’s Hot Tapper shaft turns freely inside the Gland Body Assembly. If the shaft is binding, there are usually three main causes. First, be sure the shaft is not out of round or eccentric. If it has been dropped you may need to replace the shaft. Second, check the shaft for burrs or nicks in the surface which might cause friction. Use a piece of fine sandpaper to remove any nicks or scratches that you find. Third, disassemble the gland body by removing the nut and visually inspect that there is no debris inside the well of the Gland Body Assembly.


My Hot Tapper is Leaking

If your Harry’s Hot Tapper is leaking check to see how tight the gland nut has been tightened. Snug up the nut until the leaking stops, then back the nut off just a hair. If your assembly is still leaking, disassemble your machine and check that the gland packing is intact. If it is worn, or damaged, replace it.


The Shaft to the Hot Tapper is Too Short or Too Long

If you require more depth to reach a pipeline and your 24″ shaft is not long enough, we now manufacture a 30″ Standard Shaft. If the Standard Shaft is too long, we can also provide you with a 16″ Standard Shaft for working in tight spaces.


If you still have questions regarding troubleshooting Harry’s Hot Tapper, feel free to give us a call at 800-424-6882.