What size pipe can I tap with Harry’s Hot Tapper?

Harry’s Hot Tapper can make pressurized branch connections in any appropriately sized pipeline. If you can put a saddle, sleeve or threadolet on the pipe with outlets from ¾” to 4”, the pipelines can range from 1” diameter to two feet diameter or more.


Why should I use a Copper Service Saddle instead of any saddle that fits copper pipe?

B & S Copper Service Saddles are made of wrought copper, eliminating electrolysis and other dissimiliar metals issues. They are made to fit in two exact halves that are securely attached to the tubing without crushing or distorting the pipe. The Copper Saddles simply are the best product to make a branch connection in copper systems.


What is the maximum pressure I can tap into with Harry’s Hot Tapper?

Harry’s Hot Tapper can be used in systems up to 300 PSI.


What does the Coupon Retainer do?

The Coupon Retainer is a specially designed device to extract the slug cut by the hole saw, thus preventing it from going down the line. Harry’s Hot tapper comes with two Coupon Retainers…one to use and one to lose.


Can Copper Service Saddles be used in potable water systems?

Yes, they are commonly used in potable water systems.


 Do you maintain spare parts to service Harry’s Hot Tapper?

We keep a large supply of spare parts to satisfy the needs of our growing customer base. We are still supplying  parts for tools that were manufactured in the 1980s.


Why are the smaller copper saddles secured by stainless steel clamps instead of bolts and nuts?

This is due to the manufacturing complexities and processes we use. The smaller copper saddles are pressure and temperature rated the same as the larger copper saddles. High- torque stainless steel clamps are rated to 300 PSI.


Why are two different shafts included with Harry’s Hot Tapper?

The 24” shaft is used in conjunction with the 2L arbor to make the 1-1/4” to 4” branches, while the 18” mini-tapper shaft is used to make the ¾” and 1” branches.


Do you need to use an arbor with the 18” mini-tapper shaft?

No. The mini-tapper shaft is designed to be used without an arbor.


In what types of pipe can Harry’s Hot Tapper be used?

Harry’s Hot tapper makes branch connections in all modern pipe materials including steel, galvanized, black iron, ductile iron, cast iron, asbestos cement and PVC.


What types of thermal sensors can be inserted into the pipeline with a Hot-Tap-A-Well?

There are many thermal sensors that are compatible with the Hot-Tap-A-Well. The restriction is that they need to be ½” or smaller.


What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.


Can the Copper Service Saddles be used even when a system is NOT under pressure?

Yes. Many of our customers use the Copper Saddles to make branches in copper lines NOT under pressure. Our customers find these saddles so easy and convenient, saving time and labor, compared to cutting into a line and soldering in a copper tee.